Agenda Municipal / Music Tatanka

Sun 29 Aug
Anima-te programme

Devesa Park | Palco Anima-te - 19h00
Free entry, with mandatory withdrawal of ticket at the venue (Devesa Park) in the period of 2 hours before the show. Each person may collect up to 6 tickets.

Pedro Taborda, better known as Tatanka or Pedro Tatanka, was born in 1986, in Sintra. He got his name from Vasquinho da Vila, a great admirer of the Sioux Indian culture, who called him that because of his resemblance to the great Indian leader.

He started playing the guitar at a very young age, around seven. His parents, who recognised his merit and talent, enrolled him in a local music school, which led to his first concert at the age of 10. Despite this promising start, and as music was not a common interest with most of his friends at the time, at the age of 12 he abandoned his musical studies and started playing football and surfing.

When he entered secondary school, together with his colleagues, he formed the band Malta Rude, with which he had some success in the Praia das Maçãs area, his favourite place to perform. It was with this formation that the will to enter a professional career in music emerged.

With the end of Malta Rude (due to musical disagreements), he formed the short-lived Bambolé, which was followed by joining Richie Campbel's first band. It was here that he finally felt that his professional future would lie in music.

In 2010, he met Ciro Cruz, bass player, who needed a guitarist to create a group that would play at Speak Easy. In one of the jam sessions, due to the lack of a vocalist, he was asked to sing and became the frontman of the band. It was around this time that Miguel Cassais joined and Black Mamba was born.

Black Mamba made themselves known to the general public in 2011 and the response was enormous. The great enthusiasm led to 260 concerts that year and the possibility of a record deal.

The following year, Black Mamba appeared in the shops, very well accepted by the critics and the public. This was followed by invitations to perform at Rock in Rio and in various American venues. These performances led to Fender inviting him to be their face in Portugal: a very special invitation, as it is the guitar brand of musicians such as Eric Clapton and Jimy Hendrix.

In 2014 they released, Dirty Little Brother, a work where Áurea and António Zambujo featured. Despite the great success and the huge acceptance by the public, he began to feel the urge to sing in Portuguese and to do things different from what he was doing in the band, which were heavier and connoted with urban nightlife.

In 2019 he created his own label, La Resistance, and released two albums: one solo (Pouco Barulho) and another with Black Mamba (The Mamba King). It is to this promotion that he has dedicated himself in recent times, as well as his solo career.

Recently, together with the other members of Black Mamba, he performed in Amsterdam, a city that impressed and inspired him a lot. From these performances came the desire to work on a new album, which they want to record in the Dutch capital and which will be entitled Another Night In Amsterdam.

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