Agenda Municipal / Music Taleguinho - Até cantar dá trabalho

Sat 04 Dec
Christmas Animation programme

Praça - Municipal Market | 18h00

Free Access until authorised capacity and duly marked in the space destined for the concert(s) | Use of Mask is mandatory | Social Distancing is mandatory | Duration: about 45 min | Rating: M/6

Creation and interpretation - Catarina Moura and Luís Pedro Madeira. Work gives work. But if the world exists like this - the initial Nature added to existences never seen before - it is really because humans joined their intelligence to their hands to set up a workshop of dreams. And they called the tool Work. The magicians have the magic wand to transform wishes into reality. And ordinary people have their wand too, which transforms stones into pavements, seeds into fields, words into poems, metal and fire into rockets. But when the work is too much and the arms complain of tiredness, the voice invents songs for him. A kind of abracadabra to accompany the reaping, the spinning, the shaking, the gathering of the net, the breaking of the rock.

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