Agenda Municipal / Theatre Speaking the Truth to Lie

Sun 13 Mar
XV "Terras de Camilo" Amateur Theatre Festival

Água Corrente Theatre

Centro de Estudos Camilianos - Casa de Camilo | Auditorium - 16h00

Free admission | Andreia Lopes, António Ferreira, João Martins, Luís Ribeiro, Margarida Martins, Miguel Duarte, | Rating: M/12 | Duration: 60 min.

With this play, we dive into the world of the Portuguese upper bourgeoisie of the first half of the 19th century. We follow the story of the engagement, unpredictable and unusual, of Duarte Guedes, a young compulsive liar, and his fiancée Amália. It is expected that the intervention of Joaquina and José Félix, daring servants loyal to their masters, will make Duarte's lies credible. Will they succeed in their endeavour? There is also Mr. Brás Ferreira, Amália's father, always ready to catch Duarte in one of his lies and annul the marriage. Some suspense, lots of smiles, a dowry in between, a general, a lot of confusion and good humour make up this classic Almeida Garrett plot.

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