Agenda Municipal / Theatre Soundcheck

14, 15 and 16 Dec
Casa das Artes programme

Wed 14 | Grand Auditorium - 15h00 (Schools)
Thu 15 and Fri 16 | Grand Auditorium - 21h30 (Public)

Admission: 4 euros. Students, Cultural Quadrilateral Card and Seniors (aged 65 and over): 2 euros | Rating: M/12 | Duration: 60 m

We don't know who was born first, rock and roll or brilliance. But we do know that both contributed, each in their own way, to a musical revolution in the 20th century. Soundcheck is a show that claims the place of resistance for centre stage. That takes on listening as a central form of protest. That exists beyond the rush of fast life, that resists through empathy, solidarity, collective action. It is a shake of the hip towards the future, a fuse of unease for the new generations. ONE, TWO...SOUND! enunciates a sound test (SOUNDCHECK) and is the proposal we make to a local group: to prepare the sound that the public will hear. Rock culture is the backdrop for this workshop about identity and attitude that also intends to promote contact with the backstage and scene language of the show. The result is a musical theme which is rehearsed and interpreted by the participants who will go on stage.

Technical sheet
Dramaturgy, direction and interpretation: Bruno Martins
Directing assistance: Cláudia Berkeley
Musical direction: Pedro (Peixe) Cardoso
Musical Interpretation: Pedro (Peixe) Cardoso / Pedro Sousa, Susie Filipe
Set and costume design: Catarina Barros
Technical direction and light design: Valter Alves
Sound operation: Mariana Guedelha
Mediation programme: Vera Santos
Production: Raquel Passos
Communication: Anaïs Proença
Stage Photography: Paulo Pimenta
Video recording and Partnership: Os Fredericos
Graphic design: Rui Verde
Co-production: Teatro da Didascália, A Oficina, A Casa das Artes de Vila Nova de Famalicão, Teatro Aveirense, Circuito - Serviço Educativo Braga Media Arts, Cineteatro Louletano
Teatro da Didascália is a structure financed by the Direção-Geral das Artes - Ministério da Cultura
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