Agenda Municipal / Conferences Social question in the satirical press between the monarchy and the republic

Fri 17 Mar
Bernardino Machado Museum programme

Alberto Sampaio Municipal Archive | 19h00

2023 Conference Cycle: The Social Issue in the First Republic (1910-1926)

Free admission | Speaker: Paulo Jorge Fernandes (Universidade de Lisboa) | Full programme at

The choice of The Social Question in the First Republic (1910-1926) as the theme for the Series of Conferences of the Bernardino Machado Museum for the year 2023 arises from the current acceleration of social inequalities, the rising cost of subsistence and the lack of the most necessities for an increasing number of citizens. Poverty, destitution and the demand for a dignified life should be the persistent concern of any citizen, for whom Humanity is an indeclinable value of practical morality (Kant) and a categorical and matrix reference that we should never resign ourselves to.
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