Agenda Municipal / Theatre She Wolf

31 Mar and 01 Apr
Casa das Artes programme (Poética da Palavra)

Grand Auditorium | 21h30

Admission: 4 euros. Students, Cultural Quadrilateral Card and Seniors (65 years and over): 2 euros | Rating: M/12 | Duration: 80 min

In February 1587, Mary Stuart was beheaded, after a web of conspiracies, power games and territorial disputes, largely engineered by a web of men, led Elizabeth I to order her execution. Blows of authoritarianism, power and dispute led mainly by male figures have crossed the ages, changed maps and above all resized the escalation of human suffering and exodus. Few women have participated in the leadership of these movements. "She Wolf" was an expression used in English theatre to classify queens of French origin who became involved in a male-dominated universe: that of politics. Over the generations, the collective memory crystallised the imaginary of these women who led armies and councils of ministers as something unnatural.

List of credits
Original text: Ana Lázaro
Staging: Maria João Luís
Cast: Maria João Luís and Sílvia Figueiredo
Stage design: Daniela Cardante
Costume: Dino Alves
Light design: Pedro Domingos
Staging assistance: Statt Miller
Production: Teatro da Terra
Coproduction: Casa das Artes de Famalicão, Teatro Municipal de Bragança and Centro Cultural Raiano
168 readings