Agenda Municipal / Music Selma Uamusse

Fri 06 Aug
Devesa Sunset programme

Devesa Park | Palco Anima-te - 19h00
Free entry, with mandatory pick up at the venue ( Devesa Park) in the period of 2 hours before the show. Each person may collect up to 6 tickets.

Selma Uamusse's powerful vocal instrument and performance genius have led her to shine in many different musical genres, from projects such as WrayGunn, Cacique'97, Gospel Collective or Rodrigo Leão, and her versatility is also recognised in theatre, cinema and the visual arts. In her own name, Selma Uamusse explores the roots of her country of origin, using Mozambican rhythms and lyrics in native languages, with the use of traditional instruments such as timbila and mbira, combining everything with electronics and with other references that mirror her various influences.

In 2020 he released his second album under his own name, "Liwoningo" (which means light in Chope, a traditional language of Mozambique), produced by Guilherme Kastrup, producer awarded a Grammy for the albums "A Mulher do Fim do Mundo" and "Deus é mulher" by the acclaimed and also awarded Elza Soares, this is an album that accentuates the immaterial African heritage, of Mozambique, An African heritage which continues to inspire lyrics and melodies, but which is mixed throughout the world in themes and arrangements, some closer to the folklore tradition, others which wander between electronic, rock, afro-beat and experimental, always maintaining as common ground the power of rhythm, language or African sounds, opening space for other influences, Portuguese and Brazilian music. "Liwoningo" counts with the incredible participations of the Brazilian band Bixiga 70, the Mozambican artists Chenny Wa Gune, Milton Guli and Lenna Bahule and the Korista Mbye Ebrima from Gambia.

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