Agenda Municipal / Music Sandy Kilpatrick - Storyteller

Sat 15 Apr
Joane | fAUNA  - 21h00

Free admission (until full capacity) | Voice/ Guitar: Sandy Kilpatrick; Piano/ Keyboards: André Silvestre; Guitar/Bass: Luís Poças; Dancer: Marta Guimarães; Sound Design: João Robim; Film: Ricardo Martins; Sound Engineer: Bruno Marques; Lighting Design: Diogo Barbedo; Creative Direction and Management: Sandy Kilpatrick

In this intimate show, Sandy Kilpatrick takes us on a journey through 20 years of her songs, from her time in Manchester and Portugal, to the recording of her forthcoming album Illuminations (a love letter to the sublime wonder of Norway). Storyteller brings songs and stories together in a magnetic performance, excavating the feeling of heartbreak and vulnerability in some of her most beautiful songs. In Kilpatrick's words, "There is something sacred about stories; the language of myth, dream and the unconscious mind. Storytelling is perhaps our oldest tradition of healing - in connecting with each other, but also connecting with something transcendental, which helps us heal."  In weaving together these worlds in the songs and stories that are the basis of Kilpatrick's life, he reminds us that our own stories are also sacred.
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