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Wed 05 Apr
Holy Week 2023 programme

Casa das Artes | Small auditorium - 21h30

Free admission | Original title: Yin ru chen yan (China, 2022) | Directed by: Li Ruijun | Cast: Hai Qing, Wu Renlin | Rating: M/12 | Running time: 130 min

Ma and Cao live in a small Chinese village. Both being poor and unmarried, the two families arrange their marriage. This is a union of convenience, since he is the last of the family to marry and she is handicapped, infertile, and therefore considered undesirable. This arrangement could make their lives even more difficult. However, understanding each other's place and the rejection they have always been subjected to, Ma and Cao seize the opportunity to change fate. And between them, a tender and serene love arises, which will bring them unexpected happiness. In competition at the Berlin Film Festival, a story about the difficulties of rural life in China, but also about the enormous contentment found in the simple things in life.
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