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Sat 04 Mar
Close-Up - Famalicão Film Observatory: Episode 7.2 programme

Small Auditorium | 15h00

Admission: 2 euros | Quadrilateral card: 1 euro | Free admission: students, seniors, members of cineclubs | Original title: Il Deserto Roso (Italy, 1964) | Directed by: Michelangelo Antonioni | Cast: Monica Vitti, Richard Harris, Rita Renoir | Rating: M/16 | Duration: 115 min

Psychologically depressed and unsatisfied, Giuliana becomes involved with Corrado, her husband's colleague who runs a factory. But she can't appease her restlessness. Antonioni's first film in colour also marks his shift from subjective social dramas to depicting the world through the eyes of the protagonist, played by Monica Vitti. "It is very simplistic, as some have done, to say that I accuse this industrialised, inhuman world, where individuals are crushed to the point of neurosis. On the contrary, my intention was to translate the beauty of this world where even factories can be very beautiful." (Michelangelo Antonioni)
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