Agenda Municipal / Circus Art Random

Thu 22 Jul
Teatro da Didascália programme
VaudeVille Rendez-Vous International Festival

Devesa Park | 9pm
Production: Joel Martí & Pablo Molina

The ticket office is next to the venue (at the access to the amphitheater in Devesa Park) | The ticket office opens 2 hours before the beginning of each show | Each person can pick up to 6 tickets | People with reduced mobility, may bring a companion (both need to raise ticket) | Rating: M/3 | Running time: 60 minutes

Joel Martí and Pablo Molina play lines bordering on danger, seeking a freshness of scenery with an almost cruel sincerity.
Balances, contortion, thread, dance, theater and troubling dialogues for a story barely believable, narrated by this duo to the personality "borderline", ready for anything.

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