Agenda Municipal / Music Quatroclaves: Sing Christmas

Fri 03 Dec
Christmas Animation programme

Praça - Municipal Market | 18h00
Free Access until authorised capacity and duly marked in the space destined for the concert(s) | Use of Mask is mandatory | Social Distancing is mandatory | Duration: about 45 min | Rating: M/6

Famalicense band, presents a show dedicated to Christmas songs, with the sound that characterizes the group. Founded in 2009, Quatroclaves is a musical project from Vila Nova de Famalicão, formed by Joana Lopes (voice), Rui Sengo (guitar, keyboard and choirs), Adriano Loureiro (mandolin), Tiago Mendes (drums), Pedro Maceiras (guitar and choirs) and Pedro Semina (bass). Of an acoustic nature and in Portuguese language, Quatroclaves is a revival of great Portuguese songs by interpreters such as Simone de Oliveira, Mariza, Deolinda, among others, with a customization to the structure of the group. The launch of the first album of originals is in the project's plans in the near future.
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