Agenda Municipal / Circus Art Quadrilátero Cultural 2021: Local

Thu 15th Jun
Cultural Network Programming

INAC - National Institute of Circus Art
Parque da Devesa | Amphitheater - 7:00 pm
Information: On-site pickup 1 hour before | entry 1/2 hour before | Duration: 90m | Age rating: M/6 | Free entry, up to the limit of room capacity

The show “Local” intends to continue to renew the concept of presenting a contemporary circus in unconventional spaces, creating a scenographic and proximity relationship with the public and cities, also relating to its heritage. "Local" is a reflection on this, but also on the ancestry of the territories where they will be presented, finding the meeting points between the various cities, which unites and separated them over time, through the expression of an artistic practice which also unites artistic and aesthetic disciplines.

This creation, which has the artistic direction and staging of Bruno Machado and Juliana Moura and interpretation of national and international artists (Diogo Santos, Mau Jara, Pietro Barilli, Gaspar Ribeiro, Victor Abreu, Martina Mugheddu), scenography by André Filipe Santos , a musical composition by Luca Argel, is also a crossover of references, nationalities and experiences, whose fusion will result in the experimentation of an unusual artistic object, in unusual presentation spaces and in the daily lives of inhabitants and visitors, such as the Parque da Devesa Amphitheater, in Vila Nova de Famalicão, or the sites of historic centers such as Praça S. Mamede in Guimarães, Parque da Ponte, in Braga and the Frente Ribeirinha in Barcelos, which promise unique images.

Quadriátero Cultural is a project financed by the operational program NORTE 2020, through the FEDER [European Regional Development Fund].

Artistic Sheet
Artistic direction: Bruno Machado, Juliana Moura
Documentary video: Ashleigh Georgiou
Music / music direction: Luca Argel
Scenography: André Filipe Santos
Artists: Pietro Barilli, Martina Mugheddu, Gaspar Ribeiro, Mau Jara, Diogo Santos, Victor Abreu
Show Technical Director: André Borges
Technical Coordination / Production Circulation: Ernesto Costa

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