Agenda Municipal / Diverse Presentation of the book "The Purge of Virulence

Sat 18 Mar
Devesa Park programme

Casa do Território | 15h00

Author: Susana Traila | Organization: Camilo Castelo Branco Municipal LIbrary

This book tells the common worries of uncommon people. It relates my disquiet - reflections of everyday life, shared online, in social networks, during the pandemic of COVID-19. Reflections inspired and grounded by consulting bibliography and webgraphy, dealing with topics such as health, spirituality, love, relationships, war, suffering, the meaning of life and death. With the aim of purging, eliminating the harmful, relieving mental health from the violence of the days produced by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, but also from the virulence in which the pathogenic agent is man himself, through his character traits. These concerns are an exercise in expression that is open to any one of us.

In each theme, an illustration precedes the text and together they seek a completeness only reached by the reflection of the reader himself in the search for knowledge. The images themselves are in themselves learning, training, sometimes through observation, sometimes through flashes of creation, in my solitude. It is thus an open book, which arose by spontaneous generation; therefore, the epilogue, its outcome, will be written by the individuality of each reader in the reality of common days. The book has respected the chronology of the creation of publications, but inversely, beginning with the most current, in a certain way explanatory of what preceded. Thus, the evolutionary path of the line can be observed, without fear of noticing its immaturity. It is part of any growth. Understanding that our achievements are not inferior in quality, but worthy builders of the present time. This is how we evolve. This is how we purge.
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