Agenda Municipal / Exhibitions Portuguese Forced Workers in the Third Reich - The Famalicenses in the Nazi Concentration System

18 Jul to 19 Dec
Casa do Território Programme

Devesa Park | Casa do Território
Timetable: Monday to Thursday 9h30-13h and 14h-17h30, Sundays 14h30-18h30
GPS Coordinates: 41°24'26.4 "N 8°30'49.6 "W | 41.407337, -8.513770

The exhibition addresses the theme of the Portuguese who were subjected to forced labour under the concentrationary system of the Third Reich (1939-1945), and shows unpublished aspects about these direct victims of Nazism. One of the sections of the Exhibition will have a local component and will be dedicated to some Famalicans whose research revealed that they had been in these conditions.

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