Agenda Municipal / Theatre Poem

17, 25 and 27 Mar
Narciso Ferreira Theatre programme

Friday 17 - 21h30 | Esmeriz | Salão Paroquial 
Saturday 25 - 18h00 | Narciso Ferreira Theatre | (public) 
Monday 27 - 10h30 | Narciso Ferreira Theatre | (schools) 

Free admission | Rating: M/14 | Duration: 60 min

Show co-creation with the community. The show "POEM" is born as a need to rethink the territory of Famalicão, birthplace of the Momento Artistas Independentes, especially its traditions. What is the Portuguese House? What is tradition? What are the customs? The proposed show has as a starting point the search for the identity of the Portuguese House, of identity reflection of what it is to grow up in a certain territory and of what the Traditional Portuguese Family is. This is a dinner-show: because it is at dinner that the family gathers, that the family talks and, it is at dinner that sharing happens, where the text is created with the people from the community and the territory. This project is funded by the Há Cultura Programme of Famalicão City Hall and aims to build annual artistic co-creation projects between the entities of the Performing Arts Platform Sobre o Palco and the local community.

List of credits
Production: Momento - Artistas Independentes
Art direction, creation and staging: Diogo Freitas
Dramaturgy: Filipe Gouveia
Cast: Pedro Oliveira and community of Vila Nova de Famalicão, Lousado, Esmeriz and Cabeçudos
Light design and editing: Pedro Abreu
Sound effects: Cláudio Tavares
Sound editing: António Cardoso
Funding: Programa Há Cultura 2023-2025 / Câmara Municipal de Famalicão
140 readings