Agenda Municipal / Music Pedro Mestre: Viola Campaniça & Cante Alentejano

Sat 28 Aug
Anima-te programme

Devesa Park | Palco Anima-te - 19h00
Free entry, with mandatory withdrawal of ticket at the venue (Devesa Park) in the period of 2 hours before the show. Each person may collect up to 6 tickets.

Pedro Mestre takes the stage to present "Mercado dos Amores, e Campaniça do Despique", which mark 25 years of his musical career to "Cantar o Alentejo e Outros Cantes do Sul à Viola Campaniça". Through these works, he recreates a reality in the life of the cante alentejo and the viola Campaniça, which had as their stage the fairs and markets of the region. Meeting places for poets, troubadours and repentistas, men of the countryside. People who went to the fairs to buy and sell. But also to have fun and socialize, to give and receive news, sung in the "despique" circle. Fairs and markets where loves were wandered, in a foot dance to the sound of the Campaniça guitar. Where they learnt modas, that appeared wrapped in a glass of wine.

Conducted by the voice of Pedro Mestre, accompanied by the Viola Campaniça, we follow a journey back and forth to a bucolic romanticism, accompanied by sounds that are very involved in the records of loving expressions that time has taken away, but which are good to stay in the memories. In this show, Pedro Mestre makes use of all the knowledge he has learnt throughout his life, in the improvisational singing circles and in choral groups, where he sought the inspiration which, with his genius, he distilled and made new work. That is why he will present the public with unpublished themes and themes from the traditional Alentejo songs, with the participation of various guests who have accompanied his musical career.

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