Agenda Municipal / Music Pedro Fernandes

Fri 10 Dec
Christmas Animation programme

Praça - Municipal Market | 18h00

Free Access until authorised capacity and duly marked in the space destined for the concert(s) | Use of Mask is mandatory | Social Distancing is mandatory | Duration: about 45 min | Rating: M/6

Pedro Fernandes - A musical moment to the sound of the accordion in a journey through Christmas themes and more. Pedro Fernandes, born in Vila Nova de Famalicão, Professor of Music Education in Primary Education, musician, performer, with classical piano training at conservatory level, author and musical composer. Artistic director of vocal and instrumental groups. Liturgical organist, accordionist and musical animator. From an early age, he began his career as a liturgical organist and keyboardist in musical bands. He has always been involved in musical artistic projects since entering school at the age of six. His first instrument was the ukulele, then the organ, then the piano and later the accordion. He has participated in various musical projects throughout his career, as a soloist, duo or in a group.

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