Agenda Municipal / Music Patrícia Costa: A Portuguese Christmas

Fri 17 Dec
Christmas Animation programme

Praça - Municipal Market | 18h00

Free Access until authorised capacity and duly marked in the space destined for the concert(s) | Use of Mask is mandatory | Social Distancing is mandatory | Duration: about 45 min | Rating: M/6

Patrícia Costa – A Portuguese Christmas – The Christmas season brings with it, every winter, the magic and tenderness of childhood. Distant melodies, lost in memory, give us back aromas, places, people and experiences, wrapped in the most Portuguese feeling: saudade (nostalgia). In the tangle of these memories, the heart flutters in a special way when a Portuguese guitar sounds, and suddenly another stroke is added to the picture of the magic of Christmas. Patrícia Costa returns to Famalicão to present her approach to the traditional Portuguese Christmas songbook, in a concert where the colours and aromas of the Market mingle with the words and guitars of Fado. To hear the Portuguese voice rocking our most traditional Christmas tunes... and to sing, to add our voice to this symphony of the heart: this is "A Portuguese Christmas".

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