Agenda Municipal / Theatre PaPI - Opus 9

Sat 04 Feb
Casa das Artes and Envolvente programme

Casa das Artes | Small Auditorium - 10h30

Admission: 5 euros for adult, with free admission for children | Rating: M/3 | Duration: 45 min

Co-production of Casa das Artes with Companhia de Musica Teatral

PaPI- Opus 9 is a journey through the world of water. Built from the play mother Aguário, PaPI - Opus 9 is an experience for babies and young children in a format of great intimacy that stimulates attentive listening and interaction. Water, the fundamental element of the scenario, is approached as artistic and playful matter that can be moulded as trace, gesture, sound, flowing in time and space. The sound of manipulating scenic elements intersects with imaginary soundscapes built with recorded sounds; rain drops, sea waves, fountains and rivers, whales and icebergs are part of a universal language of which voice and movement are also part. Conversations in "agualim", one of the dialects of music whose dictionary is still to be made and fortunately so.
251 readings