Agenda Municipal / Theatre Open 24 Hours (Premiere)

Sat 11 and Sun 12 Jun
Casa das Artes programme

Casa das Artes | Grand Auditorium - 21h30 and 17h00

Admission: 6 euros. Students, Cultural Quadrilateral Card and Seniors (aged 65 and over): 3 euros | Rating: M/6 | Duration: 75 min.

A co-production of Ensemble-Sociedade de Actores with Casa das Artes de Famalicão

Horácio asks for coins for the jukebox and then tries to fool the machine to keep them. He is the narrator of the story, but they are always interrupting him. That's life, and the 24-hour Open bar - a place of continuous nightlife - is more or less the whole world. The bar owner serves at the counter and has an interest in both sexual margins. The "divorced" gentleman is married, rich and accomplished. The snooker player is as insecure as a shy little girl. The muscular beer man, on the other hand, is a revolutionary economist who has been dumped by his fiancée. When the bombshell woman appears, the small world of that place begins to shake, to tremble.
There will be amorous confusions and such, there will be the drama of money and class struggle, there will be ghosts and visions of a spiritual kind. A story shot through with songs and strangely innocent gestures - like ours. The news is filled every day with catastrophes and intrigues, but perhaps the essential part of life happens at night, in the dark, in secret. In places like this world: Open 24 Hours.

List of credits
Author: Jacinto Lucas Pires
Staging and Scenography: Jorge Pinto
Musical Direction: Ricardo Pinto
Costumes: Cátia Barros
Music and Sound Design: Ricardo Pinto
Light Design: Francisco Campos
Performers: Daniel Silva, Pedro Mendonça, Tiago Araújo, Pedro Galiza and Joana Africano
The cast includes a group from ACE Famalicao, as part of their training in a work context.

Open 24 Hours by Jacinto Pires is the new play by Ensemble - Sociades de Actores, staged by Jorge Pinto

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