Agenda Municipal / Music O Som do Algodão: A Christmas Story at the centre of the Earth

Sat 18 Dec
Christmas Animation programme

Praça - Municipal Market | 18h00
Free Access until authorised capacity and duly marked in the space destined for the concert(s) | Use of Mask is mandatory | Social Distancing is mandatory | Duration: about 45 min | Rating: M/6

A concert/theatre about a Christmas Story at the Centre of the Earth - The original tale by the collective O Som do Algodão presents a Christmas story at the centre of the Earth. Similar to Jules Verne's mythical journey to the centre of the Earth, Father Christmas and his troupe of reindeer and elves decide to set off to discover the heart of the planet and bring the magic of Christmas to this parallel universe. This musical tale is an incredible journey into the fascinating unknown world that dwells inside the ground we walk on, where music and oral narration come together to create an atmosphere of suspense and adventure that promises to win over children and adults alike. Music, words and sensations in a story that celebrates Christmas in an unexpected and surprising setting.
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