Agenda Municipal / Conferences Narrow Street, a heritage to be preserved

Sat 18 Mar
Series of Conferences: Railway Culture and Identity in Vila Nova de Famalicão

Lousado | National Railway Museum - Lousado Nucleus - 15h00

Free admission

The first cycle of conferences around the theme of railways in Vila Nova de Famalicão, is a project that intends to give voice to a set of challenges that Cultural Heritage faces in contemporary societies, in the relationship with memory and knowledge, social change, sustainability, management and projection of the future.
The Conferences aim to address the most relevant and pertinent issues facing the railway heritage, among retrospectives and expectations, crossing the fields of Culture, Society, Education, Economy and Territory.
To support reflection and debate, the Conferences present a range of speakers, involving technical experts from the Municipality and external guests linked to the management of cultural heritage, academics, researchers and professionals from the cultural sector, with multiple approaches to the theme.
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