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Until 17 Mar
National Railway Museum - Lousado Nucleus | 10h00

Author: Amélia Fernandes

Amélia Fernandes was born in Lousado on the 4th April 1951. She finished primary school in her hometown and was awarded by Conde da Covilhã, for being the best student in the 4th grade. She started working at a very young age and at the age of 18 emigrated to France. The French culture and her curious spirit made Amélia develop a great interest in painting. She attended for 3 years, "Les Ateliers D`artes" in Évry - France, developing various techniques: charcoal, oil, watercolours and the introduction of elements from nature, photography and some artefacts. The positive reactions to his work gave him the inspiration to exhibit at the Railway Museum in Lousado. Dividing her life between France and Portugal, Amélia Fernandes feels happy and rejuvenated when she is back home and has the opportunity to exhibit her paintings.
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