Agenda Municipal / Theatre Mother's Curse

Sat 26 Mar
XV "Terras de Camilo" Amateur Theatre Festival

Greculeme, Recreational and Cultural Group of Lemenhe

Centro de Estudos Camilianos - Casa de Camilo | Auditorium - 21h30

Free admission | Cast: Ana Clara Sousa, Ana João Carvalho, Bárbara Freitas, Beatriz Carvalho, Júlia Costa, Susana Barbosa, Cidália Araújo, Daniela Espadilha, Aida Costa, Inês Campos, Julieta Oliveira, Leonor Carvalho | Rating: M/12 | Duration - 60 min.

The stormy dream of a better future is, after all, a rehearsal for the illusion: that the city confers a carefree life, when in fact it is a path of curse, which is only undone by the alchemy of creatures who don't allow umbilical love to crumble in the foam of the tides. The Mother's Curse rewrites feelings, in a prolonged plunge of revisiting the parable of the Prodigal Son, this time dressing it in a feminine garb and in a maritime environment.

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