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Sun 11 Jul
Cineclube de Joane Programme

Parque de Jogos  (ADC)– 22h00
Cinema Paraíso 2021: Itinerant Outdoor Cinema Project _ 22nd Edition
Free entry. Come, bring a warm coat or a blanket.

Country of origin: USA, 1936 | Director: Charlie Chaplin | Cast: Charles Chaplin, Henry Bergman, Paulette Goddard, Tiny Sandford | Rating: M/6 | Running Time: 85 min.Co-production Cineclube de Joane, Casa das Artes of Famalicão and City Council of Famalicão

At the time of the Industrial Revolution, Chaplin works on the assembly line of a factory with the repetitive job of tightening screws. This causes him a nervous breakdown and he is fired. After a long period in a sanatorium, he leaves in search of work, but ends up being arrested when he is mistaken for a communist agitator. Due to lack of employment, he does everything to stay in prison. Until he meets a young orphan girl who steals food to feed her sisters. The sisters are taken away by Social Security, but she manages to escape by living off the books. Together with Charlot, they will survive and find a job in very troubled times.

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