Agenda Municipal / Conferences Minho Stories from Minho - Feminine Narratives of an Identitary Geography: Women in the 19th Century Minho: Ana Plácido

Sat 20 Nov
Casa do Camilo programme

Casa do Camilo - Studies Centre | Auditorium - 16h00
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Minho Innovation Consortium, which comprises the three Intermunicipal Communities of Alto Minho, Cávado and Ave, promotes the Conference Cycle "Minho Stories - Narratives in the Feminine of an Identity Geography" under the scope of the anchor-project "PA2. Cultural Touring - Cultural Identity of Minho", co-funded by North 2020. The nineteenth edition, under the title Women in the 19th Century Minho: The Case of Ana Plácido will be delivered by Prof. Dr. Irene Maria Vaquinhas.

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