Agenda Municipal / Theatre Lullaby

Sat 25 Feb
Casa das Artes programme

Small Auditorium | 11h00 and 15h00 (for families)

Admission: 5 euros for adult, with free admission for children | Duration: 30 min

The village shoemaker wakes up Copélia, gradually the doll comes to life and dances, dances, dances and she ends up in the marketplace of a mysterious country where stories and songs tell of her wonderful adventure. Copélia wakes up and falls asleep to the rhythm of the music. Dream and reality mingle in texture, colour and flavours. The show Lullaby is based on a cross between the ballet "Copélia" and the story "The Eating Caterpillar" by Eric Carl. It is based on the construction of sensorial stimuli, in particular those that come from natural elements such as fruit, colours and vegetables.

Creation: Paulo Lage
Collaborative process: Carolina Branco, Cheila Lima, Chris Santos and Sofia Loureiro
Plastic conception: Samantha Silva
Photography: Sofia Berberan
Executive production: PlageTeatro
127 readings