Agenda Municipal / Movies La Dolce Vita

Thu 16 Sep
Cineclube de Joane Programme
(There are no Cinephiles left?! - Fellini, the memory places)

Casa das Artes | Small Auditorium - 21h45

Entry: 4 euros | Country of origin: Italy/France, 1960 | Directed by: Federico Fellini | Cast: Marcello Mastroianni, Anita Ekberg, Anouk Aimée | Rating: M/12 | Duration: 170 min

The greatest success of the most popular Italian filmmaker of all time, La Dolce Vita represents a look at the culture of stardom, with a protagonist on the trail of the seductive lifestyle of the rich and glamorous celebrities who, in the midst of the society of spectacle, show off in Rome. The face of this worldly spectacle is called Marcello Rubini (Marcello Mastroianni) and, as a gossip journalist, he explores the peripheries of the spotlight. A film that will always be remembered for the iconic image of Swedish Anita Ekberg in the Trevi Fountain. The authenticity of La Dolce Vita is partly due to the "study" that the filmmaker dedicated, for an entire summer, to the experience of the stars. Something that, from a biographical point of view, is linked to Mastroianni's character: this is the evocation of Fellini's own early days in Rome, where he started working as a journalist. Universally acclaimed, it won him the Palme d'Or at Cannes Film Festival and four Oscar nominations, including for directing and screenplay (he won the wardrobe statuette).

Note: The tickets for the film sessions shown at Casa das Artes de Vila Nova de Famalicão programmed by "Cineclube de Joane" are sold on the day of the session itself, 30 minutes before the beginning of the session.

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