Agenda Municipal / Movies Knives Out

Wed 07 Jul
Cineclube de Joane Programme

Devesa Park – 22h00
Cinema Paraíso 2021: Itinerant Outdoor Cinema Project _ 22nd Edition
Free entry. Come, bring a warm coat, a blanket or a beach chair.

Country of origin: EUA, 2020 | Director: Rian Johnson | Cast: Daniel Craig,Chris Evans, Jamie Lee Curtis, Michael | Shannon, Toni Collette e Christopher Plummer | Rating: M/12 | Running Time: 125 min.
Come, bring a warm coat, a blanket or a beach chair.Co-production Cineclube de Joane, Casa das Artes of Famalicão and City Council of Famalicão

Harlan Thrombey is a renowned writer who decides to organise a big party to celebrate his 85th birthday. All this would be nothing more than an ordinary family gathering if it weren't for the fact that, the next day, the old gentleman turns up dead. Benoit Blanc, a detective known for his extraordinary sharpness of mind, is sent to investigate the case. What is his surprise when the investigator realises that everyone present, without exception, has a real motive for murdering the patriarch. Directed by Rian Johnson ("The Brothers Bloom", "Looper ", "Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi"), this black comedy is also a tribute to Agatha Christie, one of his favourite writers, and the master of suspense Alfred Hitchcock.

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