Agenda Municipal / Music Hugo Raro

Sun 05 Dec
Coproduction Associação Eixo do Jazz and Porta-Jazz

Lousado Railway Museum | 18h30

Just as shadows do not exist without light, so life is only complete if we accept the imperfections in it and in ourselves.

Following the premise, present since the first edition of the partnership that Porta-Jazz maintains with Guimarães Jazz, of creating a project of a multidisciplinary nature through artistic collaboration between musicians and an artist from another creative field, Hugo Raro has invited the plastic artist JAS to create a designed concert together with Rui Teixeira on bass clarinet, Miguel Amaral on Portuguese guitar and Alex Lázaro on drums and percussions.

They are conversations between music and drawn shadows having as motive the imperfection and the beauty that this imperfection can contain, and accepting their shadows as an integral part of reality so that both become, quietly, inevitable companions of the conscience. In its original format, the artist Jas draws in real time and on stage with the musicians. This project is presented here with a format adapted to the space in which the paintings were specifically drawn and previously filmed for projection during this performance.

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Coproduction of Associação Eixo do Jazz and Porta-Jazz

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