Agenda Municipal / Circus Art Heqet

Sat 20 Jul
Vaudeville Rendez-Vous 2024

Vila Nova de Famalicão | Parque da Juventude – 11h00

Free entry | Rating: M/3 | Running time: 50 min | Group: Companhia Absurda (Portugal)

Heqets, born of the plagues of Egypt, counter their destructive mission by evolving into a kind of mafia that secretly tries to heal a world on the brink of destruction. Infiltrated among humans, they aspire to change the future of the Earth. The story provokes reflection on who the real plague is.

Artistic direction and interpretation: Ariana Sebastião
Co-creation and interpretation: Carolina Vasconcelos, Lia Vilão, Sofia Encarnação
Sound design: André Borges
Costumes: Lola Sousa
Masks: Paula Cabral; Cristóvão Neto
Light design: Tiago Santos
Production: Sofia Encarnação

54 readings