Agenda Municipal / Circus Art Gregarious

Thu 18 Jul
Vaudeville Rendez-Vous 2024

Vila Nova de Famalicão | Parque da Devesa – Amphitheatre – 22h00

Free entry | Rating: M/3 | Running time: 50 min | Group: Soon Circus Company (Sweden and Catalonia)

"Gregarious" is a contemporary circus show that addresses the interaction between competition and brotherhood in the world of sports, highlighting the friendship of the performers. With superior physical skills and humour, the show explores intimacy and humanity in sport.

Original idea: Soon Circus Company 
Actors: Nilas Kronlid and Manel Rosés 
Outside eye: Joan Català and Angela Wand 
Music: Albert Oliveres 
Props design and building: Ullrich Weisel and Soon Circus Company 
Costumes: Soon Circus Company and Nanouk Films
Video and photography: Nanouk Films

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