Agenda Municipal / Exhibitions Fusão, by Fernando Marques

Fri 24 Mar
Praça - Municipal Market | 22h00

... And it is in the refuge of silence that Fernando MARques finds the moment to concretise in strokes and colours the "whirlwind" of ideas in which his mind is fertile. Thirty-four years of a path that does not surprise those who know him, but always provides that questioning: - After all... who are you? The answer is easily found in this exhibition!
The moments came and went: that of innocence, that of words, that of letting ideas fly, that of walking "Along the Foundation Paths", that of seeking the emotion of a Flamenco dance and, finally, but only for now, the moment of a FUSION of the art of painting with the art of writing and singing the most beautiful poems, with the art of composing the most exciting songs, the moment of an embrace between one of the most prestigious Portuguese artists, Pedro Abrunhosa, and a selfless painter of emotions, MARques.
The 24th of March will certainly end with "A restless light" to illuminate "An enchanted night for the rest of life", on "any beach" of a MAR of emotions... João Cidade. On display until April 30th.
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