Agenda Municipal / Exhibitions Four Walls, More or Less

Until 28 Feb
Ribeirão | Municipal Swimming Pools

Author: Maria Pimentel

Four Walls, More or Less is a sample of the evolution of Maria Pimentel's work over time, from 2018 (date of the oldest work in the exhibition - Deluge), or even 2015/6 (date of the first sketches and paintings that inspired the direction of future works). Poetic images with aquatic themes inspired by dreams, which include the presence of houses that become more central in later works; works resulting from free drawings made throughout the master's degree, with some variations in search of a line that unites them - rooms, labyrinths and windows, themes of interior and exterior, separation and search for proximity with the exterior that is separated, organisation and paths within the interior, finding unpredictable contents; finally, a continuation of the previous theme, where the rigid structure of rooms and labyrinths contrasts with the organic and structureless - cloths, blankets, curtains and plants.
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