Agenda Municipal / Music Fere

Sun 21 Nov
Binnar programme

Arnoso Sta. Eulália | Mosteiro - 18h00
Free admission | More Information at:

“WINTER – Everything falls asleep and retreats into the palpable silence of non-existence. // Nature’s death, for now// The flowers, the leaves and the plants are gone/ The nests, the birds, are gone / Life is gone // The landscape remains, full naked, of Winter / The naked horizon / The dulled sun, reaper of colour / The hecatombic cry of the skies imbued with storms / The cold that hurts to swallow. / The damp steps, the heavy breathing of the icy contrariety that shuts down our will to be / The mould that settles on our knuckles / The callus of our soul // Always the crows of Saturnalia / The rebirth of the snapping bones / The skin ploughed by tears / The gesture”

FERE are Pedro Mendes and João Pedro Amorim (guitars), Mariana Costa (drums) and Jaime Manso (bass). The band created for Binnar a musical piece in ceremony style, with five organic moments.

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