Agenda Municipal / Exhibitions Federico Fellini - Il Maestro

Until 24 Feb
Casa das Artes programme

Casa das Artes | Foyer

Federico Fellini, born in Rimini, before becoming a director he was a draughtsman, caricaturist, and cartoonist: places of drawings of characters, gestures, expressions, scenarios and dreams. Drawing remained part of his creative process and worked as therapy. A visionary director, then, in which drawings often anticipated the script, the wardrobe, the sets, the light or the characteristics of the performers, serving to familiarise and bring his collaborators closer to the narrative, the nature and the identity of the film. Fellini's drawings were a fragmented anticipation of the film. The films, an analogy of his life: they all carry memories, dreams, stories and events lived or dreamed by Fellini. In partnership with the Film Museum of Melgaço - Jean-Loup-Passek, and based on the exhibition that marked the centenary of Fellini's birth, an exhibition in the foyer of the Casa das Artes of Famalicão will gather posters, photographs and drawings of the Italian filmmaker.
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