Agenda Municipal / Educational activities European Heritage Days: Conversations with Magalhães

Thu 30 Sep
Museums Network Programme

Children's and Youth Theatre
National Railway Museum - Lousado Unit | 10h30
Free admission | Target public: M/10 | Registration required by telephones: 252 458 295/ 252 153 646 or e-mail:

What if Magellan returned to Earth, 500 years later, without the notion that he had ever died, and found his faithful slave Henry who had waited more than 5 lifetimes without dying to return to see and ask forgiveness from his master? What if on a stage, which is effectively a stage, Magellan made the audience his crew and shared with them his entire adventure, always thinking he was in the 16th century, while Henry is perfectly aware that we are actually in the year 2021?

What would be your reaction when you hear the news that the audience and Henry have to tell you about the development of humanity? What would Magellan's reaction be, for example, to the environmental issue, he who dreamed so much of his paradise islands? How will he deal with missing his Beatriz? How will he react to the news of her death and the revelation that he himself did not finish the first circumnavigation voyage? See these questions answered, or not, in what, more than a theatrical play, will be a conversation and sharing of experiences. A comedy to be enjoyed with the family, with the relaxation of a meeting of friends. Inspired by the book "Fernão Magalhães e a Ave do Paraíso", by João Morgado. Adapted and directed by Telma Domingues.

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