Agenda Municipal / Diverse Environment Week

21 to 25 Mar
Programme of the Environment Department

1st Meeting of Eco-Schools in the City Council
Tuesday 21 - 10h | Bairro | Bairro Pedagogical Farm
We want this day to be of celebration, animation, but also healthy and sustainable.
Activities will be developed in various areas, from sports, cultural, environmental and recreational activities, with various stations scattered around the premises, according to the map attached, as well as the programme.
Moreover, it will be an Almost Zero Waste Event!
Partnership: Centro Social de Bairro

Street Campaign to promote the use of Mains Water
Wednesday 22 - 10h00 | VNF
Itinerant kiosk and offer of reusable bottles to the public. Portugal is the fourth country in Europe with the highest per capita consumption of bottled water, with an average consumption of 146.4 litres per inhabitant, according to data published by the national water industry.
Considering the high quality levels of tap water from the public network that reaches our territory and the negative environmental impact that the consumption of bottled water represents, namely in terms of the waste produced, and in particular plastic waste, the production of CO2 and energy consumption, while being less advantageous to the consumer from an economic point of view, it is in the interest of all citizens to promote the consumption of tap water from the public network. This healthy and natural option can meet most of your needs. Partnership with Project Bin from Camilo Castelo Branco School Grouping

Workshop against Food Waste
Unique flavours of the sea packaged by the land
Thursday 23 - 10h00 | VNF | PRAÇA - Municipal Market
The experimental kitchen of the PRAÇA - Mercado Municipal de Famalicão will be, by the hands of Ricardo Lanção, accompanied by his students of the 1st and 2nd years of the Professional Course of Kitchen/Pastry Technician of the Camilo Castelo Branco Schools Group, the stage for a showcooking inspired by land and sea.  Ricardo Lanção will present creative and inspiring proposals in a close connection to land and sea, combining past and present. These proposals symbolise the responsible treatment of the elements land, water and sea at the table, through the conservation of resources, the prevention and reduction of food waste and the reduction of the ecological footprint.

The Sea starts here, in Famalicão!
Friday 24 - 10h00
Reflections on the importance of the Sea. Seas and ocean occupy 70% of our planet. The importance of the sea for human and planetary health is unquestionable! Most of the rubbish we produce on land ends up in the sea. What goes down the gutter ends up in the sea. The Sea is more than beaches and water sports; it is our culture and one of Portugal's most valuable resources. These and many other issues will be discussed in this conference about the Sea! Partnership with Camilo Castelo Branco School Grouping

Saturday 25th
Tree and Shrub Adoption Campaign (Fruit and Aromatic)
10h00 | VNF Council Schools
The campaign will take place in 7 schools from different Schools Groups (EB Antas, Escola Secundária D. Sancho I - Famalicão, EB Gondifelos, EB Conde de Arnoso - Arnoso Sta Maria, EB Ribeirão, EB Pedome, Escola Secundária Padre Benjamim Salgado). Partnership and promotion with Eco Schools

Reforestation of agricultural land
10h00 | Landim
 With the collaboration of about 150 Scouts for planting 290 autochthonous trees.

Earth Hour
20h30 | VNF
Switching off the City Hall Lights, with an acoustic concert and a night picnic, calling attention to the consumption of seasonal and sustainable food.
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