Agenda Municipal / Music Easter Concert - Requiem

Sun 02 Apr
Holy Week 2023 programme

Famalicão | Mother Church (New) - 18h00

Free entrance at full capacity | Rating: M/6 | Running time: 75 min

Casa das Artes presents the Easter concert with the title "Requiem" that will take place in the New Church of Vila Nova de Famalicão. The Portuguese Symphonic Band presents us the Requiem by the Hungarian composer Frigyes Hidas (1928 - 2007), a national premiere with the participation of two choirs (Choir of ESMAE and Choir of Academia de Música de Costa Cabral), and four talented national soloists. This "Requiem" was composed in homage to the 1956 Hungarian Revolution, at the time under Soviet domination. Specially designed for wind orchestra, the work maintains the traditional structure of a Requiem and will be conducted by the guest conductor Diogo Costa. This requiem will be preceded by a work by the American composer David Maslanka (1943-2017) whose title, "Ode for World Peace", came from the simple thought that if we want world peace, we can begin individually to ask for it. Making music opens hearts and creates peace in individuals and communities. This is a powerful step that we can take as musicians, but also with the mission of transmitting this precious commodity to the society that surrounds us today, combating above all war and many other causes through music.

David Maslanka - Hymn for World Peace
"Requiem", by Frigyes Hidas
1. Requiem
2. Dies Irae
3. Domine Jesu Christe
4. Sanctus
5. Agnus Dei
6. Lux Aeterna
7. Libera Me

Artistic record
Musical Direction: Diogo Costa
Artistic direction: Francisco Ferreira
Sílvia Sequeira (soprano), Patrícia Quinta (mezzo-soprano), Pedro Rodrigues (tenor) and Pedro Telles (baritone)
Choirs of Escola Superior de Música e Artes do Espetáculo (ESMAE - Prof. Bárbara Franck's class) and Choir of Academia de Música de Costa Cabral (Prof. Tiago Ferreira e Liliana Lopes' class)
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