Agenda Municipal / Theatre Dramoletes - premiere

Thu 23 and Fri 24 Feb
Casa das Artes programme

Casa das Artes | Grand Auditorium - 21h30

Admission: 4 euros. Students, Cultural Quadrilateral Card and Seniors (65 years and over): 2 euros | Rating: M/12 | Duration: 80 min

These DRAMOLETS (a word invented by Bernhard), characterised by a brief form or short play, are a set of seven "omelettes", an omelette of omelettes, all of them moreover of diverse composition beyond the temporal brevity and the dramatic conciseness. Are we facing a political theatre? Certainly, but in its best form, that is, theatre that is not pamphleteering, theatre of a raw identification of the post-modern tares of conservatism that, as mentality and power, continues in this post-war Europe to be part of its mental climates in various territories and to govern it in collusion with the worst of fanaticisms. Political, therefore, in the noblest sense, that of the clear revelation of what the means of disinformation always relativise to camouflage what is monstrous, bestial and considered normal, either by the absence of news or by the excess of its exposure. The more it is spectacularised, the more opacification is achieved; the more the wound is repeated in spectacle, sensationalism, the less it is perceived. This is against the strategy of the dramolettes: to make the undeniable portrait of the worst of European history as coetaneous life and accepted normality, Nazism, in a courageously accusatory gesture for those who inevitably live among them.

List of credits
Text: Thomas Bernhard
Translation: Fernando Mora Ramos and Isabel Lopes
Staging: Manuel Tur
Cast: Alexandra Sousa, Beatriz Cardoso, Beatriz Paquete, Beatriz Pelayo, Carminho Postiga, Carolina Figueiredo, Catarina Coelho, Emanuel Mirra, Filipa Morim, Lara Maio, Lemos, Leonor Neto, Luísa Araújo, Lukas, Márcia Rodrigues, Margarida Pinto, Margarida Teixeira, Maria Cunha, Maria Nogueira, Mariana Casqueira
Stage design: Ana Gormicho
Costumes and Stage props: Ana Isabel Nogueira
Lighting: José Saraiva
Light operation: José Saraiva
Sound design: Joel Azevedo
Sound operation: Joel Azevedo
Set Photography: José Caldeira
Hairdresser: José Resende
Production director: Glória Cheio
Production: Rui Bezerra
Co-production: Casa das Artes de Famalicão and ACE Escola de Artes de Famalicão
189 readings