Agenda Municipal / Gastronomy Dias à Mesa: Vegetarian

Thu 23 to Sun 26 Sep
Tourism programme

Contacts: 252 312 564 | E-mail:
Participating restaurants: Alfa | Attrevidu | Bis – Pasta & Risotto | Bubbles | Combinação de Sabores | Fondue | Fusilli, Massa & Café | Moutados | Na Boca | Neto | Sabores do Algarve

Based on sustainable cooking practices, using local and seasonal products, benefiting from short marketing circuits and bringing producers and consumers closer together, processes and circuits that were thought to have been interrupted are recovered. In line with current trends in health and well-being and healthy eating, endogenous products from our territory are valued. Visit Famalicão and taste the sublime flavours of the land.

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