Agenda Municipal / Educational activities Devesa in Family: Nocturnal Butterfly Watching

Fri 03 Sep
Devesa Park programme

Devesa Park - Workshop - 20h30
Streamlined by João Nunes | Free, with registration until the day 07/09 by email to: | Duration: 3h30

To better understand the biodiversity that exists in the Park of the Devesa will be made a monitoring session of nocturnal butterflies on the 3rd and are all invited. Although they are little appreciated, there is a wide diversity of nocturnal butterflies with very different colours, shapes and sizes. Some are truly spectacular! The session lasts more than three hours but participants are not supposed to stay all the time, the invitation we leave you is to come for a walk in the park and for a moment join our expert to know a little more about these extraordinary animals!

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