Agenda Municipal / Dance Dancing in Wartime

can ce led
House of Arts - Grand Auditorium | 9 pm
Presentations integrated in the program of the Festival Complicidades 2020 and European

Premiered in December 1936, Chronicle is a response by American choreographer Martha Graham to the threat of fascism in Europe. Not translating a realistic representation of events, the intention is rather to universalize the tragedy of war. Originally created in five sections, it has been reassembled by the Martha Graham Company and is today presented in a version reduced to three sections: Specter-1914, Steps in the Street and Prelude to Action. This is the first time that the work of Martha Graham, a reference in modern dance, is danced by CNB.

In July 1932, the German choreographer Kurt Jooss debuted The Green Table at the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées in Paris. Inspired by a medieval death dance and the aftermath of the first world war, this work portrays several facets of the war, starting with a conference and going through mobilization, combat, war speculation, refugees and, again, the conference; death is always present. Considered one of the most striking choreographic works of the 20th century, Green Table is also the most emblematic work of Jooss having received the first prize in the Choreography Competition organized by Les Archives International de la Danse in Paris.

Entrance: 10€
Students, Quadrilátero Card and Seniors: 5€
Classification: M/6
Duration 60 min.

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