Agenda Municipal / Theatre Burial of the Old Man - Coffin in a Burning Chamber

Until 18 Dec
Teatro da Didascália programme

Riba de Ave | 14h30

Burial of the Old Man
Ephemeral Landscape - Industrial and Urban Act 3

In this third and last act of Ephemeral Landscape - Industrial and Urban, the Teatro da Didascália joins the Burial of the Old Man - a popular tradition of Riba d'Ave - that every year gathers the population on December 31st for a last farewell to the old year.
Before he dies, it will be necessary to write his will, mourn his body and only then bury two thousand and twenty-one for good. Therefore, the last artistic intervention of ours in Riba d'Ave will take a different format. We will build a mortuary chapel where a coffin will remain for three weeks. We invite the public to deposit in this coffin all kinds of vents, thoughts and regrets that they want to leave behind and bury together with the old year. From these contributions, we will write the final testament, which will be read after the Burial of the Old Man procession on New Year's Eve.
It is time to mourn the body and reflect on a cycle that is ending.
The coffin will be in camera at Riba d'Ave Market, from 29 November to 18 December. Monday to Friday between 14h30 and 19h00. Saturdays, between 9h00 and 13h00.

Coffin in a Burning Chamber | 29 nov to 18 dec
Shop 3 - Narciso Ferreira Market (Riba de Ave)

Burial of the Old Man | 31 December, 22h00
Narciso Ferreira Avenue (Riba de Ave)

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