Agenda Municipal / Movies Benedetta

Thu 13 Jan
CineClube de Joane programme (Bring Along a Friend session)

Casa das Artes - Small Auditorium | 21h45

Entry: 4 euros (Free for members) | France, Holland, 2021) | Director: Paul Verhoeven | Cast: Virginie Efira, Charlotte Rampling, Daphné Patakia, Lambert Wilson | Rating: M/12 | Duration: 130 min

Italy, late 17th century. Based on the book "Immodest Acts: The Life of a Lesbian Nun in Renaissance Italy" by Judith C. Brown, which in turn is inspired by a true story, Benedetta portrays a Catholic nun who has disturbing erotic and religious visions, Sister Benedetta Carlini. From a very young age, Benedetta possesses the gift of working miracles, and when she moves to a convent in Pescia (Tuscany), this has a huge impact on the community. Meanwhile, she takes in Bartolomea, a young girl who begs her for shelter and protection, and the two become very close, and a burning romance grows between them... The mother superior and the Vatican envoy are faced with a dilemma. The new film by Paul Verhoeven (who even worked with Jean-Claude Carrière on the screenplay), had its world premiere in the competitive section of the 74th edition of the Cannes Film Festival. Announcing the film, the festival director said: "The director gives us a vision of the erotic and facetious Middle Ages, and also political, with a sublime mise en scène".

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