Agenda Municipal / Music «Amália» by Cuca Roseta

Octo -ber 24th
House of Arts - Large Auditorium | 9:30 pm

Amália Rodrigues died 21 years ago, but her genius is too flagrant for it to stop being celebrated anymore - and it will never be too much to remember a work that started with fado, turned fado upside down and also summoned other popular songs to her universe. It is this enormous vastness of records that Cuca Roseta takes to the stage, celebrating a repertoire that only by being reinterpreted can it remain alive and capable of winning over new audiences.
"Amália por Cuca Roseta" is a unique, remarkable show that celebrates in an irreproachable and masterly way everything that Amália left us.

Casa das Artes
Av. Carlos Bacelar, Parque de Sinçães
4760-103 Vila Nova de Famalicão

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