Agenda Municipal / Theatre A Marvelous Universe... Kind of

Wed 05 Apr
Poética da Palavra programme

Grand Auditorium | 18h00 and 21h30

Admission: 4 euros. Students, Cultural Quadrilateral Card and Seniors (aged 65 and over): 2 euros | Audience: Family | Running time: 70 min

In a typically "SUPER" cosmopolitan city, citizens live their daily lives with expected normality... kind of! In this metropolis, Heroes with particularly awesome powers try to fight crime, saving their city from the fearsomely honest and innocent Villains... Without knowing who saves whom, the question that hangs in the air is: who maintains order and balance in this almost marvellous universe?

List of credits
Performed by: Classe B, from Baú dos Segredos
Text and dramaturgy: collective creation by the students of Class B, Baú dos Segredos
Staging: Ana J. Regueiras, Marta João and Luísa Alves
Costumes and Characterization: Cármen Regueiras
Sound and light design: Casa das Artes de Vila Nova de Famalicão technical team
Production: Baú dos Segredos, in co-production with Casa das Artes de Vila Nova de Famalicão
274 readings