Agenda Municipal / Dance Wave+55: Rafael Alvarez - premiere

Sat 22 Apr
Narciso Ferreira Theatre programme

Riba de Ave | Narciso Ferreira Theatre - 18h00

Free tickets subject to pick up, one hour and a half before each performance. Limit of four tickets per person. Ticket reservations not applicable | Rating: M/6

WAVE + 55 challenges a group of participants over 55 and seniors from the Vila Nova de Famalicão community, to create and present a dance performance directed by the choreographer Rafael Alvarez, whose creative process was developed through an intensive choreographic laboratory, exploring different languages, tools and methodologies of composition in contemporary dance. An image motivates and inspires the creation of this performance, remaining invisible but present throughout the creative process - "The Great Wave off Kanagawa", an iconic work by the Japanese painter Hokusai created in 1830 and reproduced since the mid-1870s through a series of lithographs using the traditional Japanese printing technique known as ukiyo (literally, "pictures of the floating world").

The show invites all its participants and audiences to dive into a journey to Japan to discover through a silent dialogue, the simplicity and power of the main materials present throughout the creation - Light and Shadow, Body and Paper. This double invitation to travel and stillness, guided by Hokusai's Onad, floats East and West, in a coexistence of readings and images, where less is more.

Artistic direction and choreography: Rafael Alvarez
Co-creation and interpretation: Performers over 55 and seniors from the Famalicão community
Technical direction and light design: Nuno Patinho
Production and Dissemination: Bodybuilders | Rafael Alvarez
Co-production: TNF - Narciso Ferreira Theatre / Casa das Artes of Famalicão
126 readings