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Casa do Território programme

Devesa Park - Casa do Território programme

Free entry | Tuesday to Thursday - 9h30/13h00 and 14h00/17h30 | Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays - 14h30/17h30 (winter schedule), 14h30/18h30 (summer schedule)

The permanent exhibition of the Casa do Território, entitled "Time, Space & Being-Territory of V.N. de Famalicão", occupies floor -1 of this equipment and aims to take visitors on a journey through the territory of Famalicão, from its genesis to the present day, through the territorial, cultural, economic and social domains. It is a journey of discovery, but also of prospection and questioning.

It is structured around three major themes - the Water Line (themes and contents related to the physical support of the territory and its components, to the environmental and natural resources, to the natural and semi-natural landscape), the Line of Paths and Flows (a narrative path that represents the urban system, the territorial development, the system of communications, on the one hand, and, on the other hand, the historical dimension and the historicities of the territory, with the roots of settlement and inhabiting, the construction and formation of the territory the agricultural and industrial activities) and the People and Relationships Line (contents related to the action and territorial potential of the human "capital", its institutions, its actors, decision-makers and researchers, as well as a reference to the important personalities, writers and thinkers who contributed to define the physiognomy and socio-identity conduct of the local communities, through the heritage assets that most symbolise the identity and memory of the people of the municipality).

Reference is also made to five elements integrated in the exhibition design: Retratos Falados (fifteen people from Famalicão talk about themselves and their connection to the territory), CineFamalicão (presentation of the documentaries "Famalicão" (1940) by Manoel de Oliveira and (1955) by Ricardo Malheiro, Pedra Formosa (from the Castro das Eiras), Maqueta do Território (interactive equipment which reproduces the territory at a scale of 1:10. 000 scale, with associated video) and Exhibitors/Interactive Tables (accompanying the respective Lines with more detailed objects and contents).

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